Mindset of Scientific Moulding

Injection Moulding is a phased approached to develop Robust molding processes that are resistant to common cause fluctuations in temperature and viscosity. This method is widely used in the complex component where even minor variations can impact the product quality. We are focused on producing repeatable results with minimal variations.


Synchronization with Supply Chain

Just-in-time delivery is our key to achieving operational efficiency and we assist our customers in achieving this by synchronizing our supply line with the production chain. Schedules are matched, logistics are set in motion, and processes are set that ensures that we remain reliable supply chain partners.


Experience Of Handling Different Products

We Have a rich molding experience as a job worker and handled different materials & products over the years. Providing solutions to our customers for improvement in Moulds to Achieve good Quality products with Higher productivity.


Infrastructure Build For Quality and Scale

The Basis for the success of any manufacturing business is Scale & Process. Our production shop floor is built with smart planning for a higher level of efficiency. With a larger floor for keeping maximum goods to allow us to do quality activities with a clean line of sight.


Implementation Of HR Best Practises

Our people are our most valuable asset & we pay attention to their safety, training, well-being & Building Team Spirit. We maintain their training records for improvement in their skill for better growth.


Well-Trenched Integrated Management System (IMS)

We strongly believe that an Organisation can deliver continuous satisfaction through its system. Our firm is certified with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2015. IMS system with ownership & authority at the Operators level ( Mistake Proofing ). This is Backed up by in-house Inspection & Training assurance systems. We are close to achieving Statistical Process Control.


Certified Import - Export Unit

We are a Certified Importer & Exporter by the Government of India.


Highly Experience Technical Staff

Our Team is Highly Technically Experienced in the field of plastics. We provide them with all the necessary latest technology required in time. We provide the training to improve their skill & knowledge.


IP Portfolio

Our products holds their Intellectual Property Rights. We are always one step forward then our competitors. It shows our continuous development in the field of packaging.


UN Certified

Our Packaging Products are UN Certified which means the destination for packaging that has been built, tested, and certified to carry liquid or solid dangerous materials. This is unified which means to ensure dangerous materials are transported safely to the Location.


Sustainable Packing Specialist

We recognize the importance of conserving our environment through the implementation of sustainable and efficient manufacturing processes. Our Products are 100% recyclable. Also, we use energy-efficient machines & utilizes new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.